Cheyenne Greek Festival
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September 14, 2018
4:00 pm - 10:00 pm
September 15, 2018
11:00 am - 8:00 pm

Frontier Park
Exhibition Hall

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information contact:

Saints Constantine and Helen
Greek Orthodox Church
501 West 27th Street
Cheyenne, Wyoming 82001
(307) 635-5929


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Local Currency: Exchange your U.S. dollars for our Greek Drachma tokens. Purchased at the front door, tokens are in $1.00 or $5.00 denominations. The tokens will be used at food and beverage booths, and accepted at others as well, to help expedite your purchases.

Gyros: Seasoned beef/lamb on pita bread, served with onions, lettuce, tomatoes and Tzatziki (cucumber) sauce.


Kalamari: Deep fried squid breaded with special Greek spices.

Mousaka: Baked dish consisting of layers of sauteed slices of eggplant and ground beef usually flavored with tomatoes, onions, and cinnamon, and covered with a custard sauce sprinkled with grated cheese.

Salad: Salad of lettuce, tomato, Feta cheese, Kalamata olives, with a Greek dressing of olive oil, vinegar and oregano, served with a bread roll.


Loukoumathes: Deep fried honey puffs dipped in honey syrup and sprinkled with cinnamon and nuts.

Pastitsio: Greek Style macaronia layered with seasoned ground beef, mizithra cheese and topped with Bechamel sauce.

Souvlakia: Pork or chicken, marinated in lemon juice, oregano and other spices and barbequed on the grill, sold by the skewer, served on pita bread with sliced tomatoes and tzatziki sauce.


Spanakopita: A filling of seasoned spinach and Feta cheese, layered between filo pastry and baked until golden.

Tiropita: A Feta cheese and egg filling, within layers of buttered thin filo pastry dough and baked until golden.

Pastry Booth: Baklava, Kataifi, Kourambiethes, Koulourakia, Melomacarouna, Rosettes, Chocolate Flogera, Skaltsunakia and loaves of our delicious sweet bread are packaged and ready for you to purchase and take home to enjoy!

Baklava Sundaes: Vanilla ice cream topped with crumbled baklava and chocolate sauce.


Taverna: Bottled Mythos Beer, 16 oz. Draft Coors Light, Saddle Bronc Brown, Blue Moon, Redds, Mike's Hard Lemonades. Soft Drinks and water are also available.

Pop Shoppe: Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Sprite, Diet Sprite, Sprite Zero, Barq's, Diet Barq's, Fanta, Dr. Pepper, Diet Dr. Pepper, Dasani Bottled Water, Minute Maid Lemonade, Gold peak Ice Tea - sweetened and unsweetened.

Yiayia's Coffee Shop
Enjoy single servings of all these delicious pastries!

Baklava: A pastry of chopped walnuts baked in layers of buttered, flaky filo dough, topped with a light honey syrup, the most popular of all Greek pastries.


Bougatsa: Rich and creamy semolina custard hand-wrapped in flaky filo pastry, sprinkled with ground cinnamon and powdered sugar.

Chocolate Flogera: Rolled filo dough filled with chopped walnuts and spices topped with a light honey syrup and drizzled with chocolate.

Galaktobouriko: Elegant pastry with buttered layers of filo dough and custard filling, sweetened with a light honey syrup.

Kataifi: Shredded filo dough filled with chopped walnuts and spices topped with a light honey syrup.

Kourambiethes: Buttered almond cookies sprinkled with powdered sugar.

Melomakarona: Lightly spiced cookies dipped in a light honey syrup and sprinkled with walnuts.

Rosettes: Delicate pastry dipped in light honey syrup sprinkled with walnuts.

Skaltsunakia: Walnut-filled, crescent shaped pastry sprinkled with powdered sugar.

Coffee: Gourmet coffee.

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